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Service to the community is a key aspect of being a rover.  Projects such as Seton Woods were started by the current rovers.  International service is also an area of interest to some rovers.  Volunteering gives youth the opportunity to give back to the communty that helped to make them who they are.

As youth reach the rover age, 18-26, leadership becomes part of their Scouting responsibility.  Rovers will often help out in other group sections.  Currently one rover is assisting the Scout group with their program.  Particularly with environmental projects.

Attending camps, such as haliburton and Woodland Trails in Ontario, keeps the rovers involved in the camping spirit.

The 132nd Scout group continues the scoupting experience through rovers.  The Rover group is designed to continue on even as youth move away to university.  Events can be organized well in advance and coordinated for when people are at home.

Rover youth meet in a group called a crew. Rovers develop and manage their own program under the mentorship of a respected advisor. Rovers adhere to a promise and motto.